2016 Artists on Show

Diamond Creek - Artists on Show
October 1st, 2016 – January 31st, 2017


Nillumbik has been the home to some of  Australia’s most legendary artists for decades  and we want to show off some of the outstanding

talent we have in the region.  The Diamond Creek businesses below are exhibiting some great artwork from local and some not so local artists. 


Next time you are in Diamond Creek stop past and have a look and maybe stay a while.

Fossick Clothing

2/3 Inglis Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Ev Hales (no longer exhibiting)

M:  0400 560 156

Ev Hales work is done in the stillness of her studio away from the hustle and bustle of everyday distractions.  The natural bush that surrounds her studio provides a place where time stands still and her paintings reflect the quiet and calmness.

Groom Girl

53 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist Robyn Koiker

M: 0421 147 686

Robyn Koiker has been painting pets, wildlife and landscapes in watercolours for over 15 years.   A St. Andrews resident, Robyn loves capturing wildlife and natural surrounds.   Painting from photographs Robyn brings life to her subjects through their expressive, deep eyes.  Pet portraits are Robyn's speciality, and the showing at Groom Girl, a grooming shop for pets is a purrfect fit!  

Piccolo Meccanico

57 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Melissa Thomas

M: 0490 143 033

Local artist Melissa Thomas has commissioned many private and public sculptures, including 15 topiary sculptures at the Melbourne Zoo.  View Melissa’s smaller sculptures and amazing paintings at Piccolo Meccanico.

Artist: Melissa Haslam

Diana Jackson is an expressive painter with a colourful style.  Through years of practice with using a watercolour medium, Diana’s work is imbued with an emotive mystery of light and shade while still possessing a soft quality.   Highly respected within the art community, Diana’s work has achieved over 20 awards.

Platters Cafe & Bar

67 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Diana Jackson

M:  0421 147 686

Degani Diamond Creek

35 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Linda MacAulay

M: 0407 539 800

Having worked as Artist in Residence at Uluru for many years, Linda MacAulay’s large acrylic canvasses reflect both her love of the Australian landscape and its quirky individuals. From stunning outback landscapes to cheeky characters, Linda’s work is full of colour, texture and plenty of humour. 

Gigliola Boutique

6/67 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Emma Crupi 

M: 0412 312 517

Emma Crupi is a local 22 year old artist currently studying a Bachelor in Fashion Merchandise Management. Since the age of 5, Emma has been studying art and in 2014, after completing VCE, she travelled around Europe to gain inspiration and insight into the world around her which she then conveys back into her drawings and paintings. She continues to travel whilst she studies and creates and sells her art locally.

Degani Diamond Creek

35 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - David Cotton & Kylie Fill

Araluen, Diamond Creek, is home to the recently opened "Bunjil Studio" - a custom-created art and ceramics facility that's centrally located opposite Diamond Creek Railway Station. Araluen's noted "Art Connects" Program operates from this base, nurturing the creativity and aspirations of talented artists with an intellectual disability. By making and sharing art, participants at Araluen can better connect to the community, and earn recognition and income on the basis of ability. On display at Degani's will be a diverse selection of work from these Diamond Creek-based artists.

Artist: Kylie Fill

Artist: David Cotton

The Vines Cafe

11 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Tony Roche (no longer exhibiting) 

M: 0403 118 004

An array of multimedia paintings and drawings from Tony Roche adorn the walls at The Vines Café.   Tony’s artwork takes on a multi media form using oils, water base, acrylic, pastel and water colours.  This exhibition will be on for the months of September and October.


Exhibiting during the months of November and December are Jen Grant and Michelle Smythe.

The Windy Mile

69 Main Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Tarisse & Sarrita King 

Tarisse and Sarrita King are the daughters of the late William King (Jungala). They are members of the Gurindji tribe from Katherine, Australia. William passed down stories from his Indigenous culture to the girls through his artwork.  Both Tarisse and Sarrita have painted their own interpretations of these stories for the past 10 years.  In the exhibition ‘Connection to Country’ the artists reflect on the importance for all of us to recognise and celebrate our connection to the land and our environment.

Artist: Tarisse King

Artist: Sarrita King

Dragon Exhibition @ Cube Z

Marngrook Oval, Main Hurstbridge 

Road, Diamond Creek

Visit our 40 foot shipping container that has been converted into a Pop Up Gallery in Diamond Creek.  Meet the artists who brought this amazing project together, Amanda Gibson, Mirranda Burton, Melissa Haslam and Ixia Black. Cube Z started its humble beginnings as a shipping container crossing the wild seas, and given a new lease of life will be used throughout the next six months as a Pop Up Gallery exhibiting great work by our local talent.

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