2017 Artists on Show


After the success of our inaugural Artists on Show Exhibition, Diamond Creek Traders are pleased to present its second curation which will commence April 1st to July 31st 2017.

Highly skilled and talented artists have once again teamed up with a number of Diamond Creek businesses to showcase their artworks in restaurants, cafes, clothing boutiques, a digital marketing agency, a community bank and in our iconic Cube Z shipping container.

Degani Diamond Creek (Front of House)

35 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Joyce Davis 

Joyce works at Araluen’s Diamond Creek Studio. Her imagery is inspired by local people and places.  She works with mixed media materials on paper and is a talented artists who is also developing a range of ceramic jewellery.

Gigliola Boutique

6/67 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Emma Crupi 

Emma is a local 22 year old artist currently studying a Bachelor in Fashion, Merchandise Management.  Since the age of 5, Emma has been studying art and in 2014, after completing VCE, she travelled around Europe to gain inspiration and insight to the world around her which she then conveys back into her drawings and paintings.  She continues to travel whilst she studies and creates and sells her art locally.

Platters Cafe & Bar (April - May)

1/75 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Glynis Brown 

Glynis has graduated from Melbourne State College and holds a degree in Secondary Art & Craft Education. Since graduating, Glynis has successfully run classes and continues to develop and sell her own painting work from her home studio.


Glynis’ paintings, although varied in subject matter and medium, are explorations of the effects of light on objects and in the landscape and the way in which light, shadow, shape and colour create movement and atmosphere. 

Platters Cafe & Bar 

1/75 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Roger Knight 

Robert Knight is a local aerial photographer who captures spectacular images as a licensed drone operator. Traveling to all parts of Victoria he has a wide collection of photographs capturing eagle like images from a very different view point. 

Fossick Clothing 

2/3 Inglis Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Michelle Smythe

Drawn to the area by the artsy lifestyle that Nillumbik has to offer, Michelle Smythe moved and has lived in Eltham for 17 years.  Michelle has only just uncovered her passion in art, and specifically paintings, in the last few years and exhibited her work in local businesses around the Diamond Valley.   


When Michelle is not painting, she works at Melbourne Polytechnic teaching students with intellectual disabilities how to become a chef or work in other areas in the hospitality industry.    Michelle enjoys painting peacocks and butterflies and the paintings on display at Fossick Clothing blend in perfectly with the current season of colourful and bright clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Degani Diamond Creek (Function Room)

35 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Beck Faldon 

Beck, a local photographer, strives to capture images that evoke emotion.   She is driven by the belief that beauty is everywhere and can be captured in just a moment of time.  Beck’s series of photographs, “Sunrises & Sunset”, capture summer on the Bellarine Peninsula, and showcase the wondrous colours captured during the first and last light of the day.

Piccolo Meccanico 

57 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Harry Zed Hughes

Harry is an alchemist searching for the radiance of life, as a multifaceted psycho-spatial dialogue.   Connecting one’s individual experiences and emotions to universal experiences and archetypes. After several exhibitions in Melbourne and overseas, Harry has returned to Nillumbik to continue his painting practice

Platters Cafe & Bar (June - July)

1/75 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Diana Jackson

Diana is an expresive painter with a colourful style.  Through years of practice using a watercolour medium, Diana’s work is imbued with an emotive mystery of light and shade while still possessing a soft quality.  Higly respected within the art community, Diana’s work has achieved over 


The Windy Mile 

69 Main Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Rowdy Warren

Rowdy’s art draws deeply on the Australian landscape whilst mixing with the abstract thoughts and ideas going through his mind every day. His canvases endeavour to capture the viewer and then draw them into another dimension of observing the world around them.

Elaine, a local amateur artist, who thoroughly enjoys to paint and has exhibited her work at Montsalvat.  Elaine enjoys her time working on her artwork as it allows her to enter a space where she can immerse herself completely and block out thoughts of her busy lifestyle.  


47 Chute Street, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Elaine Van Der Zwart

Public Artwork

Degani's Diamond Creek and Platters Cafe & Bar 

Featured Artist - Kylie Barden

Local artwork is a plenty in Diamond Creek, particularly in public places. Kylie Barden, an Araluen artists has been making her artistic capabilities be known with the beautiful, colourful paintings she has done on the Little Free Libraries in Diamond Creek and also the new Table Tennis Table in Rotary Park, Diamond Creek.


The two Diamond Creek Little Free Libraries are located at Degani’s Diamond Creek and Platters Café & Bar.

Cube Z

Outside Diamond Creek Community Centre, Main Road, Diamond Creek

Featured Artist - Urban Legends of Diamond Creek

Visit local artists Ixia Black and Mirranda Burton, as they share with you stories they have gathered on Diamond Creek’s secret tunnels, the bini shell, a ghost on a cliff and a folk law about a pair of famous red underpants. Artwork by these two local artists will also be on display.


The Diamond Creek you never knew about!    


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