Cube Z - Pop Up Gallery


In October 2016, three award-winning artists opened Diamond Creek’s first pop up art gallery - Cube Z, a 40” shipping container converted to a temporary art space.    


Appearing in the Main Street of Diamond Creek, Cube Z was the creation of Ixia Black, who applied for an Arts and Culture Grant from the Nillumbik Community Fund in collaboration with Mirranda Burton and Melissa Haslam. All have worked tirelessly with the Diamond Creek Traders Association to bring this idea to reality.


From October - November 2016,  the gallery appeared in the car park of Diamond Creek Plaza, then relocated outside the Diamond Creek Community Centre.


The exhibitions are constantly evolving, and click on right to view the past and present exhibitions planned for this space.


Heidi Crundwell, previous Marketing Co-ordinator for the Diamond Creek Traders Association, said that this project is unique to Diamond Creek and the area. “As Nillumbik Shire Council works through its rebranding as a tourism destination and launched the Artisan Hills campaign in April, the Diamond Creek Traders are excited to be working with local artists to strengthen the branding of an area rich in arts and showcase their work in Diamond Creek.


There will be a Diamond Creek Urban Legends campaign and since the project inception, Ixia and Mirranda have been listening to the community to hear their stories, embellished or otherwise, to create some mystical themes about Diamond Creek in the future.


Funding for the Pop Up Gallery was made possible through the Nillumbik Community Fund, and the Diamond Creek Traders Association.


Exhibition details and dates will be published on the Cube Z Facebook page and w:  

For further information contact 


I stopped by to have a look, and was amazed at what Diamond Creek's local artists have to offer - James Edney, October 8, 2016

Halloween at Cube Z

Too awesome to not share!! Love our community - Kayte Robinson, October 30, 2016

So good everyone was so lovely and thank you to the wonderful staff and volunteers - Donna Murray, November 3, 2016

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