Dine In At Diamond Creek’s Best Cafes And Restaurants To Top Off 2022

October signals the beginning of the end of the year, and the end of the year is always an exciting time. Not only is it finally warming up, and beach weather is on the cards yet again, but it’s also time for so many different celebrations. The kids are excited that they get a long holiday from school, the teenagers are eager for graduation and formals, and the adults are excited to have a break from work. Plus, everybody’s thrilled to get into the silly season spirit!

It’s hard to believe the end of another year is upon us, but since it is, we may as well celebrate! With no restrictions holding us back this year, this season calls for dining out for lunches and dinners for any and every reason possible.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating— and yes, the return of the sunshine and good weather is a valid reason to celebrate in and of itself!—, there’s a restaurant in Diamond Creek that will serve the food to make it an event to remember. Whether it’s a graduation dinner, lunch out to celebrate work wrapping up for the year, a birthday meal, a Christmas party, or simply a get-together with friends or family to kickstart the summer season, you don’t need to venture out of Diamond Creek to find the place to hit the spot!

This article shows you the very best cafes and restaurants in Diamond Creek to enjoy a meal, drink, and catch up with loved ones. Whatever food suits your mood, it’s all right here, and Diamond Creek’s amazing café and restaurant owners can’t wait to see you soon.

Diamond Creek Cafes

Is breakfast, lunch, or brunch your kind of vibe? How about a coffee fix? If so, Diamond Creek’s cafes are here for all your sweet and savoury needs. Whether you want to have something healthy or let loose and indulge, let your stomach lead the way.

1. Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse at 9/67 Main Hurstbridge Road has all of the goodies you’d expect from a bakery— and then some! With a proud history dating back to the 1800s, Ferguson Plarre is synonymous with cakes and treats of all types. With everything from cupcakes and biscuits to doughnuts and slices, your sweet tooth will be thanking you! They also have a great range of pies, sausage rolls, and quiches, and of course, can make a mean coffee to go with whatever you choose.

2. Ogawa Japanese Café

Just down the road at 7/75 Main Hurstbridge Road is Ogawa Japanese Café, where you can indulge in the finest Japanese cuisine that is as authentic as it is delicious. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian there’s something here for you! If you haven’t given Japanese food a try yet, there’s no better time than the present.

3. The Vines Café

If you wander over to 11 Chute Street you’ll find The Vines Café, where the babycinos have been voted the best in town. When we said there’s something for everybody, we didn’t forget the littlies! For those of us who need the full caffeine experience, their coffees and teas are sure to hit the spot. Had a sleep-in? No worries! The Vines Café serves breakfast and lunch until 3 pm every day.

4. Piccolo Meccanico

Looking for specialty coffee encompassing seasonal blends from the most recent crops to arrive in Melbourne? You got it! Piccolo Meccanico serves up a delectable cup of coffee made with sustainable practices, and they ensure the farmers receive a fair and transparent price for their labour. Plus, it does a great job of waking you up and making you feel good at the same time! For a great coffee date, Piccolo Meccanico is the way to go.

5. Platters Café and Bar

Hopping back over to Main Hurstbridge Road, Platters Café and Bar at 1/67 is excited to welcome you back in now that table service has resumed. This café and bar has a Mediterranean influence that’s infused through their breakfast, lunch, and drinks menus, making it a great spot for your next function, whether it’s for work or pleasure.

6. 8.8 OZ

Just a hop, skip, and jump away is 8.8OZ, which you can find at 11/72 Main Hurstbridge Road. Café-style food and drinks are the order of the day here, where the breakfast menu runs all day long. Pancakes for afternoon tea? Don’t mind if I do! Sandwiches and focaccias are just as easy to come by and tasty to eat, so make sure you plan at least one visit here this season.

7. Bridies Beanery

When you hear the word ‘beanery’, you know you’re in for great coffee. The team at Bridies Beanery at 48/50 Main Hurstbridge Road pride themselves on their funky espresso bar that brings eclectic vibes to go with its delightful beans. The food is top-notch too, so whatever you do, don’t sleep on Bridies Beanery!

Diamond Creek Restaurants

If you’re hoping to host a dinner affair, Diamond Creek’s restaurants are here for you, your family, friends, colleagues, and whoever else you’re keen to see!

1. Diamond Court Restaurant

Diamond Court Restaurant, at 52 Main Hurstbridge Road, is a Cantonese restaurant with a great range of dishes to suit all palates. Between the delicious entrees, mains, and desserts, you could easily find yourself here for hours! Whether you’re in the mood for beef, chicken, or vegetarian dishes, your group will be highly satisfied with Diamond Court Restaurant.

2. Indian Hub Restaurant

Looking for something a little spicier? Indian Hub Restaurant at 4/24 Chute Street is the go-to place for Indian food in Diamond Creek, though the tastes will make you feel like you’ve made the trip to India! Butter chicken, lamb korma, garlic naan— the choices are endless and all so tasty.

3. D.C. Thai Restaurant

If you’re craving a fresh and delicious serving of Pad Thai, D.C. Thai Restaurant is the one for you. Located at 2/24 Chute Street, the team here is excited to welcome you and your group in to let you taste and relax the night away.

4. Makan District Malaysian

Makan District Malaysian, at 36 Chute Street, serves up scrumptious Malaysian cuisine that will have you coming back for more until you’ve tried it all (and then you can start the rounds again!). Whether you’re planning an office party, a night out with friends, or a dinner out with family, if you haven’t tried Malaysian fare before, this is the place to do it.

5. La Sera Pizza, Pasta, and Ribs

Traditional pizza, pasts, and ribs never go out of style, and La Sera proves it. This restaurant at 6/75 Main Hurstbridge Road is open 7 days for all your Italian food desires. Or if you’re from the US and need a taste that reminds you of home, they’ve got you covered there too. American-style bbq ribs, yes, please!

6. Diamond Creek Hotel

Nothing says an Aussie celebratory meal than a trip to the pub for a feed. The Diamond Creek Hotel, at 29 Main Hurstbridge Road, offers a relaxing atmosphere with a strong emphasis on delicious and affordable food. Kick on with drinks afterwards without having to change locations, and you’ve got yourself a great night out!

7. Golden Hills Brewery

If beer is your thing, Golden Hills Brewery is your place. This craft brewery dishes up beer as well as food from its café, restaurant, and bakery, so really, is there any reason to leave?! The team here love to set the stage for end-of-year functions, so check them out at 25 Station Street before they fill up.

8. Diamond Saigon

This new Vietnamese restaurant Diamond Saigon, at 13/72 Main Hurstbridge Road is well worth the visit if you’re into fresh and fragrant food (and who isn’t?). The aromas of traditional Vietnamese food will draw you in and compel you to make a booking for your next celebration, so (paper) roll on in today!

9. Aksorn Thai Restaurant

Arkson Thai Restaurant, at 1/72 Main Hurstbridge Road, offers up genuine and authentic Thai food that will satisfy everybody in your group— trust us! They have curries, clay pot dishes, stir-fries, and noodle dishes galore to make your next celebration one for all the senses.

Celebrate October In Diamond Creek

While takeaways have their time and place, it’s safe to say we’ve had enough of them over the last couple of years, and it’s time to get back to dining in! Thankfully, Diamond Creek has a whole host of cafes and restaurants with their doors wide open ready for you to come in and try the best food, coffee, and alcohol our beautiful region has to offer. Whether you’re keen for a catch-up lunch with friends or looking for the perfect spot to host your work Christmas dinner, you’ll find it right here in Diamond Creek.


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