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As winter begins to draw to a close but the air remains brisk and chilly, you may be wondering how to occupy your time. Footy season will be finishing up soon, it’s too wet for golf, and it’s still way too cold to consider getting in the water. You feel like you’ve got to get your body moving and accomplish something at the same time, but what is there to do in this limbo period of the year?

I can just see you now, standing there in the middle of your house or backyard with your hands on your hips, running through your mental to-do list. Suddenly, it hits you. Aha! The house! You’ve been meaning to renovate the kitchen for the last 10 years, but you’ve always been too busy. Now that you have the time and the fact that property prices are on the rise, it couldn’t be a better time to put your skills to the test. Get ready to enhance that room or area that’s been neglected for just that little bit too long!

This blog shows you how you can increase your home’s aesthetics and the way you and your family enjoy your home with some DIY reno. For more ideas or to start your new project, start your shopping in Diamond Creek today!

Strike While The Iron’s Hot – It’s Time For DIY In Diamond Creek

Anybody with even the slightest knowledge of local and national news knows all too well just how much property prices have exploded over the last several years. The property market ebbs and flows through cycles where it typically stands stagnant for a number of years before a sudden boom hits, and house prices and values increase dramatically. We were due for a boom, and it hit right after COVID-19 did, creating a perfect storm for homeowners and investors.

Diamond Creek has seen a 13% growth in the median house sales price in the last 12 months. The suburb has recorded 165 sales in that time period, where the average home now costs $1,065,000.

As you may expect, the number of bedrooms in your home will affect its value. Three-bedroom homes currently have a median price of $900,000, while four-bedroom homes are sitting at $1,162,500. However, the size of your home is just one factor when it comes to its value and possible sales price. Having a recently remodelled and updated home will likely fetch you significantly more money in a sale than an unrenovated property of the same size and in a similar location.

That’s it— Project Renovation is on!

Project renovation

Why Diamond Creek?

It’s no surprise that Diamond Creek has fared well in the recent property boom. Our idyllic location and reputation as a family-friendly suburb render our suburb a fantastic area to raise children, work, retire, and invest. Close enough to Melbourne to be convenient but far away enough that you feel you’re a world away from the city, Diamond Creek is suitable for all types of people looking for their first home, forever home, or an investment to rent out.

Diamond Creek Stores And Tradies At Your Service

When it comes to renovations, Diamond Creek has no shortage of local professionals ready to make your house into the jewel of your street. From top to bottom and throughout every inch of your home and property, the person you need for every niche job is just a call away.

Reece Plumbing, Lloyd Plumbing, and Rainbow Plumbing & Civil can provide all the plumbing you need for your wet areas. Between these three, you’ll find every bathroom product you could ever need right here in Diamond Creek! As well as providing the sinks, tapware, and the like, these teams have pipe fittings, water tanks, and gas pipe and fittings to complete the job.

Want a glass splashback or tabletop? How about custom leadlights, or a fancy mirror to add the final touch to your reno? Eltham Glass has all your glass needs covered! Plus, they also offer 24/7 emergency services and offer glass replacements if necessary.

All right, let’s get down to it— flooring, that is. Overflow Carpets can provide you with carpet, rugs, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, timber laminates, and more in a wide range of colours and styles. With their selection, you’re sure to find exactly what you’ve been looking for in no time! The team at Overflow Carpets will help you determine which flooring will work best in your space, and are a treasure trove of fantastic and friendly advice.

When the flooring is down, the walls can start to look a little bare. Not for long, thanks to Complete Painting and Repair! Managing Director Todd Patten has over 30 years of experience in interior and exterior painting, and has the tools and skills to complete aesthetically pleasing projects on time in a friendly and warm manner. Whether you need a brand new paint job or a tidy-up, the team at Complete Painting and Repair are on it.

Diamond Creek Stories and Tradies

DIY & Equipment Hire For Your Renovations

Diamond Valley Mitre 10 employs over 70 members of the local community, each with their own expertise and ideas to give your home a new lease on life. If you have the skills to pull up a kitchen bench and replace it, lay down a new deck, or paint your home’s exterior— but you’re lacking the tools to get the job done— Diamond Valley Mitre 10 will be mighty helpful in your mission!

The team at Diamond Valley Mitre 10 are regular winners of awards such as National Garden Centre of the Year, Hardware Association of Victoria Trade Store of the Year, and Mitre 10 National Store of the Year, among others. If that doesn’t tell you they know what they’re doing, I don’t know what will! Between their array of awards and the Colour Centre, Garden Centre, and Trade Centre they have on site, there’s nothing they can’t help you with.

This family-owned and operated Mitre 10 has been a staple of the Diamond Creek and Diamond Valley home DIY-er for over 40 years. More than just a hardware store, they pride themselves on providing the community with greenery, hardware, timber, fencing, and even giftware. Whatever you need to complete your DIY project, the team at Diamond Valley Mitre 10 has it in spades!

If you’re looking to do your project (or some of it) on your own but you won’t need the equipment afterwards, equipment hire from Diamond Valley Hiring Services is the way to go. Here, you can hire the tools and equipment you need now but won’t need forever, meaning you can do the job yourself without having to make a costly investment. And seeing you’re trying to increase your home’s equity, equipment hire is exactly the service you’ve been searching for!

Diamond Creek: For All Your DIY NeedsDiamond Creek for all your diy needs

Whatever section of your home you’re renovating, you can find every last piece of the puzzle here in Diamond Creek. From equipment hire, paint, and tradies to carpet, timber, and everything in between, Diamond Creek is the place to go to raise your home’s value and increase its aesthetics and functionality at the same time.


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