Junior Players Wanted— Join the Diamond Creek Football Club for the 2022 Season!

Time has snuck up on us again— footy season is right around the corner! The start of the new school year and subtle changes in the weather brings that footy feeling on, and before you know it, signups are about to close. Don’t miss out on Diamond Creek Football Club’s 134th (yes, 134th!) year— sign up today before registrations close.  

Our blog gives you the rundown of the Diamond Creek Football Club, igniting that fire in you to sign up for the 2022 season. Don’t delay, registrations are closing soon! To find out more, contact the Diamond Creek Football Club today. 

The Diamond Creek Football Club Wants YOU 

Despite the crazy world we’ve been living in recently, one thing that doesn’t change is the epic highs of junior football. Whether you dream of being the next Gordon or Syd Coventry, are looking for a fun way to expend your excess energy, or are hoping to meet new people and make new friends, the Diamond Creek Football Club is the club for you. As a family-friendly club, they welcome players of all ages, genders, and experience levels to try their hand (or foot) at Melbourne’s beloved game. 

The History of the Diamond Creek Football Club 

This isn’t a boring history lesson, we promise! Not only is it fascinating stuff, but it’s about AFL— one of the best topics going around. Let’s dive in. 

Diamond Creek Football Club has a rich history that started way back in 1888. They’ve always been a tight-knit group of players dedicated to creating regional recreation in the local community, fostering teamwork and leadership as they teach both athletic and communication skills.  

While winning certainly isn’t everything, it’s always a nice bonus, and they’re proud to have won nine Senior Premierships and a whole host of Reserves and Under 19s flags in their history. Their senior and junior clubs have led the region through the good and bad times throughout the last 134 years – which will continue for decades to come.  

Why Join the Diamond Creek Junior Football Club? 

As part of the Northern Football League, Diamond Creek Football Club welcomes boys and girls of all ages and experience levels. Not only does it allow you to be active, work on your football skills, and get some great exercise, but it helps you to meet new people and make new friends from all around the local area. And the chance to win a trophy, ribbon, or certificate to solidify your new skills doesn’t hurt either!  

You’ll get active and make friends on the great ground while being part of a 134-year-old tradition that’s well-known and loved within the Diamond Creek community. No matter your age or current skills, joining Diamond Creek Football Club will give you a sense of local pride that will stick with you forever. 

Sign Up With Diamond Creek Football Club Today 

If you’re fired up to join the club, don’t wait to reach out! Sign-ups are closing soon, and they want you on the team. To get active, make friends, and make a difference in your local community, contact Diamond Creek Junior Football Club today. 


Anna Henderson
Author: Anna Henderson