Discover the Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna

As winter is here, we thought there was no better time to tell you all about the health benefits of infrared sauna. The idea of sweating it out in a toasty warm sauna during another chilly Melbourne winter seems like a great idea for those of us who don’t love the cold. But there is so much more to love about infrared saunas. Let’s get into it!

So…what is an infrared sauna?

We’re so glad you asked! When you hear the word ‘sauna,’ most people think of the old school version, where you sit in a super-steamy room and try extremely hard not to pass out from the suffocating heat. Of course, some people absolutely love traditional saunas, but for many of us, that kind of heat can be uncomfortable. That’s because traditional saunas heat the air around you via a single electric heater filled with rocks. Water is poured over the hot rocks, creating a steamy environment that can make it hard to breathe.

Infrared sauna is different – and it’s all to do with how the heat is generated. Instead of heating up the air around you, an infrared sauna heats your body directly using infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation). So you’ll still experience a really great sweat but at a lower temperature. This makes the experience much more enjoyable, and often means you can tolerate staying in the sauna for longer.

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