Step Up to Clean Up Diamond Creek

Key Event Details: Sunday 7th March, 9 am-12 pm at Marngrook Oval with BBQ provided by Diamond Creek Men’s Shed.  

Diamond Creek locals are lucky to have the best of both worlds: a bustling town with access to amenities and acres of parklands to enjoy nature. It’s one reason why so many families are attracted to the area, and it will be treasured by generations to come. But to keep Diamond Creek the way locals love it, we must all contribute to keeping our environment beautiful and clean.

Clean Up Australia Day was the creation of Sydney-born, Ian Kiernan AO. An avid sailor, he was disgusted and disappointed to see pollution and rubbish consuming our oceans. He took action, creating a community event that enabled the actions of a small few to make a big impact. Since its inception in 1990, 18.3 million Australians have contributed their time to the cause, 36 million hours have been volunteered, and 380,000 ute-loads of rubbish have been removed thanks to the events.

Now a nationwide annual event, Clean Up Australia Day brings people together to clean their community and do their part for the planet. Now it’s your turn to Step Up to Clean Up Diamond Creek.

A community event supported by local organisations

On the 7th of March at 9 am, the community will gather on Marngrook on Main Hurstbridge Road to commence the local Clean Up Australia Day effort. 2021 will be the second year running that the Diamond Creek Traders Association has coordinated this event. We are proudly supported by groups from across the community, including the Diamond Creek’s Men Shed who have organised the BBQ, the Scouts, local schools and other community organisations.

Why get involved?

Whether you’re a Diamond Creek resident, local business owner or a regular visitor to the community, you have a part to play in keeping the environment clean. This event benefits everyone, and your contributions are deeply valued.

Here are five reasons why you should consider getting involved:

  1. Connect with your community.
  2. Take pride in your environment.
  3. Make Diamond Creek a cleaner place.
  4. Get involved and make a difference.
  5. Contribute to an important cause.

A crucial year to clean up Diamond Creek

 Here are some alarming facts that reveal the seriousness of incorrect waste disposal and pollution in Australia.

  • The average Australian produces a staggering 540kg of household waste per year.
  • Only 37% of waste is recycled.
  • We send 5.3 million tonnes of food waste to landfill every year.
  • Plastic makes up 90% of marine debris ingested by turtles in Queensland.
  • Around 7 billion cigarette butts are littered in Australia every year.

The lockdowns in 2020 saw an increase in food delivery services and therefore, the disposal of plastic and non-degradable food packaging. Due to being home for most of last year, over a third of Aussie households reported creating more waste than ever before.

This increase is a concern for researchers who worry about the long-term consequences of excessive waste. It’s also a reason why we need as many local volunteers as possible to donate their time this Clean Up Australia Day. In 2021, the focus is on preventing rubbish from entering the environment, as it is about removing what’s already accumulated.

How to get involved

You can join the Clean Up Australia Day cause by participating in Diamond Creek’s local event. We can’t wait to see you there!

Date: Sunday 7th March 2021
When: 9 am -12 pm
Where: Marngrook Oval, Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek.
Additional Info: BBQ to follow, provided by Diamond Creek Men’s Shed.
Register: On Facebook via this link:

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