Diamond Creek Progressive Dinner & Comedy Night - Wednesday 19th October 2016



St Helena Secondary College, in conjunction with the Diamond Creek Traders Association, are pleased to present a 3 course progressive dinner with a comedy twist on Wednesday, 19th October 2016.    The participating restaurants will each host a comedian - The Windy Mile (Nelson Twins), Degani’s Diamond Creek (Tom Siegert and Christine Basil) and Platters Café & Bar (James Masters is replacing Ben Knight, this change is beyond our control).  Limited tickets, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Comedy Gala 1 – Entrée @ The Windy Mile, Main @ Degani’s Diamond Creek, Dessert @ Platters Café & Bar.  To book – click here – www.trybooking.com/222565


TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT - Comedy Gala 2 – Entree @Degani’s Diamond Creek, Main @Platters Café & Bar, Dessert @The Windy Mile.  To book – click here – www.trybooking.com/222574


Comedy Gala 3 – Entree @Platters Café & Bar, Main @The Windy Mile, Dessert @Degani’s Diamond Creek.   To book – click here – www.trybooking.com/222577



Please note that James Masters is replacing Ben Knight at Platters Cafe & Bar.  This change is beyound our control.


For further information, including any dietary requirements, contact Heidi Crundwell on m: 0417 580 009 or e: heidi@diamondcreekshoppping.com.au


Join in the after party at The Windy Mile with live music,
drinks and more laughs till 11.30pm.




Comedy Gala #1

Entree @ The Windy Mile - Canapè tasting plate (Served to each person) consisting of

Mac & Cheese Croquette (v) - parmesan & sage crumbed macaroni croquette & chipotle aioli

Chicken Frigadella - danish chicken meatball, pickled cucumber & horseradish aioli

Tacos de Cerdo - soft tortilla filled with pulled pork, salsa fresca, coriander, jalapenos, lime & sour cream 

Main @ Degani's - Mains served alternating - Chicken Woodlands (grilled Chicken topped with Brie Cheese, Mixed Mushrooms & Pinenuts served with Seasonal Vegetables & a Creamy Seeded Mustard Sauce OR Pumpkin, Pesto & Spinach Gnocchi (roasted Pumpkin, Sundried Tomatoes in a Creamy Pesto Sauce tossed with Baby Spinach topped with Shaved Parmesan Cheese)

Dessert @ Platters Cafe & BarAlternating desserts of Caramel & Macadamia Cheesecake - baked with fresh roasted macadamias and gooey caramel fudge, topped with a drizzle of caramel fudge and spiked with almond toffee spears (gluten free) OR Mixed Berry Cheesecake - baked cheesecake finished with a berry full fruit glaze with a gluten free vanilla crumb (gluten free).

NOTE THERE IS A COACH SERVICE @ 6.15pm -    Platters to The Windy Mile (As you finish at Platters but start at The Windy Mile.  You can then have access to your vehicle near Platters when the night concludes)


Comedy Gala #2

Entree @ Degani's - Bruschetta (Toasted Turkish Bread topped with a Tomato, Red Onion & Fresh Basil Salsa and finished with Parmesan Cheese and Balsamic Glaze), Arrancini (Crumbed Mushrooms, Herb & Cheese Rice Balls served with Aioli) and Calamari, lightly dusted lemon pepper 
Main @ Platters Cafe & Bar - Alternating meals of Arancini stuffed rice balls prepared by our chef,  rolled in breadcrumbs, filled with mozzarella cheese, spinach & roasted pumpkin ,topped with a napolitano sauce (2 pieces) with a side serve of salad OR Lasagna prepared and baked by our chef and cooked with their own made Bolognese sauce, with a side  serve of salad.                             Dessert @ The Windy Mile - Canapè tasting plate (Served to each person) - consisting of Traditional English Sticky Toffee Pudding with clotted cream and Milk & White Chocolate Mousse - dark & white couveture chocolate mousse served with a hand rolled chocolate waffer and Panna Cotta - coconut & maple syrup panna cotta served with lime infused Asian fruit salad 


Comedy Gala #3

Entree @ Platters Cafe & Bar - Sharing Platter of a Trio of Dips - Hummos Dip, Chickpea Puree blended with tahini sauce, garlic and lemon juice, Baba Ghannouj Dip roasted eggplant dip mixed with tahini sauce, garlic and lemon juice and Roasted Capsicum Dip.

Main @ The Windy Mile -  Alternating meals - Coq Au Vin - red wine braised chicken, potato puree, pearl onions, butter mushrooms & bacon lardons OR Roast Sirloin - roasted black angus sirloin, truffled pumpkin puree, steamed broccolini, roasted desiree potatoes & red wine jus.

Pre-arranged for vegetarians - Vegetarian Lasagne (v) - pasta layered with kohlrabi, portobello mushrooms, bechamel & green chard topped with Napoli sauce, ricotta salata & basil pesto 

Dessert @ Degani's - Dessert served alternating - Flourless Orange Cake (An Orange & Almond Sponge cake topped with Caramelised Orange Pieces served with Cream) OR  New York Cheesecake (traditional New York Baked Cheesecake served with Cream)

NOTE:   There is a bus service @ 6.30pm -    Degani to Platters (As you start Platters but finish at Degani and would like to have their car at Degani when you finish - it is a long walk)


Please advise of any dietary requirements via email heidi@diamondcreekshopping.com.au as soon as possible.




Please note:  a coach service will be operating during the night offering the following routes to enable guests to preplan and leave their car at the venue that they finish.  

(PS  remember The Windy Mile are hosting an After Party!).:


6.15pm -    Platters to The Windy Mile (Group 1 who finish at Platters but start at The Windy Mile.  You can then have your car at Platters where the night concludes)

6.30pm -    Degani to Platters (Group 3 who start at Platters but finish at Degani's and would like to have their car at Degani's)

7.50 pm  -  Platters to The Windy Mile  (Group 3)

8.10 pm -   Degani's to Platters (Group 2)

9.10 pm –  Platters to Windy Mile (Group 2)

9.20 pm -   Degani's to Platters (Group 1) 

No coach services available after this time.


James Masters @ Platters Cafe & Bar 

Christine Basil - Degani's 

Tom Siegert -  Degani's (duo with Christine Basil)

The Nelson Twins will be entertaining the crowds at The Windy Mile 

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Diamond Creek, VIC 3089
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